Leggings, "The Jungle" (limited production)

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Stretch your limits in Dress Abstract high-rise leggings. Whether worn to-and-from errands or while doing high kicks, they've got your back.

  • Four-way stretch lycra spandex
  • High-rise, hugged sensation fit
  • Wide, smooth waistband designed to eliminate muffin top
  • Hemmable
  • Made in Washington, D.C., USA
  • Gentle cold wash
Size Guide

Women: S (0-4), M (4-8), L (8-12)


"We are the kings and queens of our own jungles. The gorilla sees the sun cut through the tree tops, and blends life from its pure greens down to the forest floor where ants and apes alike are all a part of the layered circle of life — a never ending cycle of carbon, water, dirt and air. We are all animals in our own jungles, whether jungles of trees or concrete, and we all fight to survive and thrive. The painting is currently on exhibit in New York City, USA."

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