Mindful Luxury®


Our handmade masterpieces are as unique as a museum painting, for a look that is totally your own. 

By purchasing with purpose, our clients make a difference.
20,500 gallons & counting, of fresh water saved.
1,400 hours & counting, of jobs & dreams created for Refugees. 

Made in America from sustainable materials, each purchase helps employ our expert refugee tailors who support their families & communities toward the American Dream. 


Athletic Leggings, Athletic Leggings, Athletic Leggings, Athletic Leggings, Athletic Leggings,

Performance Leggings

NY Fashion Week Award Winning Leggings

Our leggings are designed to be worn at the office or at the yoga studio, with professional cuts that don't compromise style for performance.

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Mindfully Made in America

Empowering Women and Refugees

Every item we make is masterfully made by hand by refugees and women that we employ and support.

Receive more compliments.

Receive more compliments.

Individuality is the essence of style, and we strive to make a product that captures hearts and minds of everyone who sees it.  We guarantee that you will receive more compliments. 

Made in America.

Made in America.

Your purchase helps to support American jobs and manufacturing.  Our expert tailors are refugees from every part of the world who have legally settled in the USA to pursue the American Dream. 

Mindful Luxury®

Mindful Luxury®

Our fabrics are engineered to be sustainable, durable and luxurious, saving 75% of the freshwater used in other similar fabrics.  Certified to the Mindful Luxury Standard, our manufacturing process protects the planet, while creating a product that can be passed down generations of family.

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