Dress Abstract- Returns

When you purchase a Dress Abstract piece, its quality and integrity are guaranteed for a lifetime. If your piece is ever subject to defect or natural wear, ship it to us and we will either fix or replace the item. Damage resulting from mishandling is not covered.
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Dear Retail Partner,

     Mona B is continuing its efforts to protect both the brand and retail partners from retailers violating our MAP policy on 3rd party websites.  We have decided to no longer allow Mona B products to be listed and sold on any of these 3rd party platforms, this includes Amazon, eBay, Sears, etc.  This change in policy effects all new products from the Mona B Spring Collection introduced in January 2017 and does not affect the older products currently online, those can remain until retired and/or sold out by Mona B.

Mona B has decided to partner with only one retail client on Amazon and they will have all new product listings going forward. They will be in compliance of our MAP policy at all times per our agreement with them.

 Retail dealers may only sell online through their company owned and registered websites while following the Mona B MAP policy.  Retailers selling on their website must have an approved wholesale account in good standing with Mona B to receive permission to sell our products on their website. Use of our catalog and product images is allowed only with the written permission from Mona B and this permission may be withdrawn at any time solely at our discretion.

 We want to thank our retail partners for their help in protecting the brand in the marketplace. By doing this we are all creating a more desirable brand for the consumer and increasing sales for all concerned.


 Be Fearlessly Authentic

Mona B.