Our Story of Mindfulness

— With every product that is purchased, you become part of a bigger purpose 

Supporting the American Families and Communities through our Refugee Employment Program:

Creating over 1200 hours of work for those who are working hard to come to America and support their families

Supporting American Jobs:

All of our products are made in America, and we proudly support American Manufacturing across the USA at our partner workshops in Georgia, Colorado & Washington D.C.

Saving the Environment for The Future:

All of our materials are engineered to feel like the richest silk but require 70% less fresh water to produce. 


Supporting the American Dream:

All of our products are handmade in the USA by our expert refugee tailors, who have moved to America to support their families, their families, and that chance at a better life, free of war or conflict. 



Award-Winning Mission:

We are grateful for the press coverage and the two awards for Style and Sustainability at New York Fashion Week. 


— founded on principles of timelessness and sustainability — 

Nima Veiseh (NEE-MA VASE-EH) started Dress Abstract in 2014 to show that that luxury clothing can be both mindful and magnificent.  Growing up in the midwest on the shores of Lake Michigan, Nima saw manufacturing jobs leave his home town as America struggled to sustain its manufacturing sector.  
After a decade of training as a designer, artist, and engineer, Nima founded Dress Abstract in 2014 on the principle idea that high-fashion must be sustainable not just in its style, but in every aspect of life.   All of the products are made in America, with sustainable fabrics that are identical to rich silks but use 70% less fresh water to make, preserving the environment and the Great Lakes he grew up on. With each purchase, you are supporting hard working artists, American jobs, and our expert refugee tailors who come from every part of the world to pursue the American Dream.  
Nima believes that every person has two sides, like the canvas of a painting, and it is important to create masterpieces that empower our clients to express their full authentic selves.  He is a PhD researcher who has trained at George Washington University, Georgetown University, Columbia University, the Arts League of New York, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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