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Wearable Art for a Sustainable World


Timeless. Conscious. Signed. 

We sell more than just clothing, we sell art. Our wearable lines are created to have the same timeless appeal as a museum painting.  Each piece of clothing is inspected, tracked and signed, like any limited edition piece of art -- making for a perfect collectible item.  Mindfully Created in USA by partnering with those who sustainably support refugees and displaced peoples everywhere.


 Timeless: Conscious: Signed:
We believe that clothing is just another canvas.  Our team of specialists, designers and artists work together to translate the beauty of art from canvas to clothing.  Through our innovative process, we spend months studying the painting and canvas before transforming it into clothing.  We produce as few as 50 pieces in limited runs. Purchase while supplies last.


Unlike other designers who follow exhausted patterns and seasonal trends, we seek out artists and translate the universal appeal of art to each item. Since each clothing item is derived from the work of a classically-trained fine artist, there is a universal appeal that transcend seasons and trends. Our team specializes in carefully ensuring the essence of the art is captured in your clothing.

Our socially-conscious products are made by Refugee Artisans living in America that we help support and employ by enabling them to practice the creative art they love.  This also includes working with vendors who support the same mission of helping displaced peoples everywhere.

Sustainability is the foundation of prosperity, but the fashion and apparel industry is one of the largest sources of waste and pollutants in the environment.  The average American throws away 65 pounds of fabric per year, leading to 14 million pounds of extra garbage in landfills.  Because environmental pollution from clothing in landfills is such a major issue, we have adopted a "No-Landfill Promise" here at Dress Abstract.

Our No-Landfill Promise ascertains that each piece of our clothing is tracked and documented, and when the product has been damaged or reached the end of its life cycle, we accept the return and offer a 50% credit for use on new purchases.  The item is then archived as part of our collectible gallery, thus ensuring that no item will hit the landfill.

Our team inspects each article for quality and consistency. The artist then inspects, signs and certifies each piece, connecting our clients directly with the creative hand that brought you the piece.

Just like a painting in an art gallery, we hand certify, sign and track each clothing item, so you know you are wearing an art piece as unique as you.  Each product is numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

We create clothing to have a magnetism that spans generations and never needs to be thrown away. If you ever need to throw away an article of clothing, we will send you a return slip, and give you a gift certificate for your next purchase.



— founded on principles of timelessness and sustainability —


 In the Spring of 2014, Nima Veiseh founded Dress Abstract as a doctoral researcher in Design and Sustainable Economics.

 Although he worked as a professional painter to pay his way through school, he never expected to find himself in fashion.  However, it became clear during his studies that there were two important opportunities to help sustainability in the clothing industry.

First, there is an enormous amount of material waste and pollution created by the fashion industry.  He discovered that clothing made up over 5% of the American landfills, or 14 million pounds per year, just because people throw away their out-of-season and worn-down items.

Second, there was an enormous amount of talent waste in America.  While traveling through over 40 countries, Nima saw that the textiles industry provided among the most jobs and training to folks in developing countries.

Much like his own parents, many of these individuals emigrated or sought refugee status in the United States.  Immigrants are the foundation of America, and he saw the talented tailors and artists being ignored for employment as unsustainable for a thriving America.  

The solution was clear: employ neglected refugee talent in the US to make timeless pieces of wearable art, that never need to be thrown away.  Although you may toss old shirts, dresses or bed sheets, the one fabric that never gets thrown away is the painting canvas on your wall. At Dress Abstract, our team treats your clothing like a canvas as unique as you: ignoring trends and focusing on creating treasures that can be embraced by all generations.

We guarantee our quality, and if ever one of our items needs to be recycled, we will send you a free shipping label to return it for a gift certificate toward your next item.



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