Our Story of Mindfulness

— With every product that is purchased, you become part of a bigger purpose 

Supporting the American Families and Communities through our Refugee Employment Program:

Creating over 1200 hours of work for those who are working hard to come to America and support their families

Supporting American Jobs:

All of our products are made in America, and we proudly support American Manufacturing across the USA at our partner workshops in Georgia, Colorado & Washington D.C.

Saving the Environment for The Future:

All of our materials are engineered to feel like the richest silk but require 70% less fresh water to produce. 


Supporting the American Dream:

All of our products are handmade in the USA by our expert refugee tailors, who have moved to America to support their families, their families, and that chance at a better life, free of war or conflict. 



Award-Winning Mission:

We are grateful for the press coverage and the two awards for Style and Sustainability at New York Fashion Week. 


— founded on principles of timelessness and sustainability — 

— Contact Us & wear your art on your sleeve —

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For General Inquiries: Concierge@dressabstract.com
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For wholesale order, custom event or special occasion inquiries: Concierge@dressabstract.com
For artist submissions, please send resume and painting samples to: Concierge@dressabstract.com