Premium Socks, "The Unresolved Chord" (limited production)

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Premium socks designed for both fashion and function. The vibrant patterns are layered and hand-pressed into the fibers in Brooklyn, NY -- no two pairs are exactly alike. 

  • Double-twist, double-combed cotton yards for comfort and durability
  • Midfoot compression support for superior fit and cushioning
  • Full internal cuff rib with contoured heel to prevent slipping and sliding
  • Reinforced stitching on toe and heel to prevent wear and tear
  • Material processing reduces shrinkage and provides additional stretch
  • 62% polyester / 21% nylon / 15% cotton / 2% spandex
  • Shoe sizes 7-12
  • Made in New York, USA
  • Machine washable


"The Unresolved Chord is a deconstructed abstraction of what the artist hears when a guitar chord or progression is played.  We always wonder how someone like Mozart could make music that tugs on our heart-strings, and the trick he used was to leave chords unresolved until the music finally completed, providing us with a sense of emotional release. To provide a small background on musical theory, chords have progressions that move like a loop in steps. As each of my paintings are the recomposition of many layers, like a chord that is unresolved or has not completed its loop, each of the 20 layers in this painting only go partially around the canvas, then stop. When you look at the piece, your eye subconsciously catches the next layer, and your eye continues around the entirety of the piece, providing a powerful continuity in movement and texture. This 200-year old phenomena used in music is an example of what I have abstracted to your eyes, in order to give the observer a multi-sensory experience that transcends the visual and taps into deeper layers of our mind."

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