IVY Life Lessons

Superconsumers: How to Scale Your Organization by Better Serving Your Most Valuable Customers | Eddie Yoon

Eddie Yoon has helped drive over $1 billion in profitable growth for exceptional brands and companies. His research into "superconsumers" — a segment of consumers whose passion for a particular category or product makes them an ideal market for companies looking to grow — has led to groundbreaking growth strategies for a wide range of businesses. Eddie shares how to identify these consumers and harness their insights to drive innovation and stimulate growth.

How to Create Viral Content and Get Millions of Followers | Tim Urban

Tim Urban, whose blog “Wait But Why” has attracted millions of readers and famous fans like Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, reveals how to find your audience online and the secrets to going viral.

The Art of Negotiating Trade-Offs | Al Pittampalli

We all want to make the right decisions, but sometimes we have to make sacrifices to get more of what we want. Author Al Pittampalli makes a persuasive case that making trade-offs are like renting apartments in NYC — by knowing what you can live without, you equip yourself to make better decisions and to get more of what you really value.


How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep: Secrets from the Sleep Doctor

Dr. Michael Breus has made a career out of helping people sleep, most popularly as “The Sleep Doctor” on The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Breus shares his secrets for getting a better night's sleep and the ways we can all conquer our own exhaustion.

An Inside Look at the Unique Power of Social Media Influencers

How do you reach hundreds of thousands of consumers organically and in an instant? Social media influencers. We analyze influencer marketing with technology entrepreneur Justin Rezvani, whose company theAmplify provides influencers for top brands including Amazon, Oakley, and Paramount Pictures.

How a Hawaiian Startup is Tackling the World’s Water Issues

Wednesday was World Water Day, a UN-designated day focused on calling attention to the importance of universal access to clean water. We interview one entrepreneur whose new premium bottled water brand is doing its own part to promote better water sustainability and provide access to clean water around the globe.



Get 25% off your Wine Awesomeness first box: Curated selections of wine delivered to your door!

Meet Wine Awesomeness — the curatorial team that combs the globe to find the coolest, crave-worthiest wines to send to your door every month. Wine Awesomeness helps you explore the wine world without palate quizzes or gimmicks, highlighting wine you don't see everyday, but will want to drink everyday. IVY Life Lessons readers get 25% off their first curated Wine Awesomeness box by using the code IVYftw at checkout! Readers can also register for Wine Awesomeness’ Spring NYC Weekend Adventure Giveaway, presented in partnership with IVY, for the opportunity to explore NYC in style this spring.


A shoutout to just a selection of our incredibly talented IVY artists!

Nima Veiseh's painting explores the dynamic nature of memory and its reflection of the human condition, an artistic process enabled by Hyperthymesia — an extremely rare condition affecting only 50 people worldwide, where he remembers every day of his life like film since the age of 15. Nima also uses his ability as the founder of Dress Abstract, a startup that makes limited-edition, wearable art. Dress Abstract products are made in the USA with the help of refugees that they employ and support.

David Paul Kay is a self-taught contemporary artist and muralist. He uses vibrant lines to convert walls, paper, fabric, objects — even human beings —into kinetic surfaces, transforming exteriors in NYC and beyond.

Kristin Simmons is a painter, printmaker, and silkscreen artist whose eye-catching, playful, and polemical work tackles contemporary issues, including capitalism and the culture of excess.



The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders

In business, government, philanthropy and the arts, and all over the globe, these men and women are transforming the world and inspiring others to do the same. (Fortune)

Pulling His Weight: The 76-Year-Old Arm Wrestler

Meet Norm Devio: the septuagenarian who’s been the No. 1 champ in competitive arm wrestling since he first broke into the sport 40 years ago — and doesn’t seem to be quitting any time soon. (Viewfind)

Domino’s Stock Has Outperformed Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon this Decade

It’s 2010. You’re an eager investor presented a choice between two stocks: Google or Domino’s Pizza. Where do you put your money? (Quartz)



The Luck of the Irish

Last week, we bid a happy Saint Patrick's Day to one of the most tenacious musical traditions in the world! Irish traditional music, which has had a heavy hand in shaping the core sounds of American folk and pop music, has survived better against the changing tides of global culture — both in popularity and in style — than the indigenous folk music of most European countries. There are many theories as to why, including that Ireland has never been a battlefront in any world wars, or that its economy has been largely agricultural, which encourages a culture of oral storytelling and folk songwriting. Regardless, we're ever grateful to Ireland for its airs, ballads, jigs, reels, and wonderful mid-March holidays.