Every Canvas Has Two Sides

Posted on June 02 2016

Alchemy Nima Veiseh Dress Abstract

We’ve all heard that old line about there being “two sides to every story”. But in our rapidly globalizing, constantly changing world, how does that old line apply to our everyday? Here at Dress Abstract we have taken that “old line” and given it new life. We believe that every canvas has two sides; the refined, and the rebellious.  With our collection of wearable art, we know that each side tells its own story; every canvas has two sides.

Take for instance, a young professional, walking through the city with a simple, sharp navy trench. Poised and prepared, her confidence reflected in her appearance, she reveals little. But with the simple untying of a knot, that confidence becomes spontaneity-- the essence of art. The humble trench coat reveals a lining of hand stitched silk, fashioned in much the same way as a timeless, one of a kind, work of art. Bursting with saccharine color and sumptuous fabric, both sides of this trench coat reveal a different side of the same person. Confident, yet creative.  Strong as steel, but smooth as silk. Dress Abstract in your daily life displays the two sides to your canvas.

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