Dress Abstract's Athleisure Line Is The ONLY Option

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, deep breath. The athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. If anything, it’s picking up steam for the year ahead. Some might rejoice at this news like “what? I get to wear my comfortable clothes to brunch and even to drinks? AMAZING!” Then there are others that will shudder at the thought. “You want me to wear my gym leggings food shopping? Just, no.” 

 I have always been a fan of basic denims and basic t-shirts because of their low maintenance. But the trend of incorporating activewear into our daily wear is like having your cake and eating it too. Activewear or athleisure wear are outfits that can be worn during a workout. These days, this style is not confined to our gyms and/or pilates classes. You could wear your yoga pants or track suit out to brunch or even for the day out, without it being considered a “fashion disaster”. This specific trend went from the streets to the runway. Dress Abstract is the perfect example; our men’s and women’s athleisure clothing line is comfortable, chic and edgy. All while redefining your age-old definition of “cool”. Follow this simple list of essentials tips to get the most out of your outfit.

  • The Perfect Leggings or Joggers: Your first must-have for a fashionable athleisure wardrobe that can go from gym to street is an awesome pair of Dress Abstract leggings. Plain black leggings are versatile, but with all of the amazing choices Dress Abstract gives you, why go plain? Stretch your limits in Dress Abstract’s “The Garden” women’s high-rise leggings.
  • A Lightweight Jacket or Vest: A lightweight jacket or pullover with a unique stylish element to it – like Dress Abstracts Khaki, Reversible Trench coat – takes your workout top to the next level in an instant.
  • Stick with Substance over Style: Dress Abstract has you covered with both substance and style. Made in the USA, not only does each pair of women’s leggings have a superstar boutique look but it comes with yoga studio level comfort as well.