Abstract Art and Fashion Coming Together

From Chanel’s art-fair-style runway to Dress Abstracts combination of abstract art and high quality clothing, the special relationship between the same-but-different worlds of art and fashion is becoming very profitable. When you think of someone who loves art you think of them as educated and knowledgeable but when you think of someone who has an interest in fashion we think of them as silly and foolish. When one buys art, it’s called “collecting” but when a fashion enthusiast collects clothing, it’s called “shopping”. Despite this much-litigated list of showing the relations between the concepts and categories of art and fashion, the two are combining more than ever. In fact, it’s very possible that the moment has never been better.

The combination of art and fashion is by no means a newly found phenomenon. In 1937, Elsa Schiaparelli joined forces with Salvador Dali to produce a surreal, lobster-print gown made of silk organza and synthetic horsehair. Fast forward to 2016 and you have a company like Dress Abstract combining high fashion with abstract art. This new company creates wearable art while supporting refugees at the same time. Dress Abstract truly blend the worlds of art and fashion and in turn create a masterpiece.

Founder Nima Veiseh sees his work in no uncertain terms, he simply describes it as “we bring art to life”. Each item of Dress Abstract apparel features an original rendering and is then signed and numbered just like all his prints. There is no company like Dress Abstract; there are companies that help artists put their art onto clothing but according to Veiseh “we create certified, limited-edition pieces, tracked and signed by the artist”. 

The ideal customer of Dress Abstract is someone who appreciates the aesthetic beauty, as well as the timeless quality of their pieces. “We are more interested in creating a thousand timeless, collectible items than in trying to sell ten million T-shirts," Veiseh says.

Are you interested in owning and wearing one of these wonderful pieces of art? Dress Abstract has both a men’s collection and women’s collection with pieces ranging from yoga pants and sweatshirts to the traditional trench coat and neck ties. Visit their online store today at www.DressAbstract.com and purchase your very own wearable piece of art.