6 Ways to Dress Up Your Dress Abstract Leggings

Your Dress Abstract leggings are made to be comfortable enough to wear all day and night. However, this comfort doesn't mean that they can't be dressed up enough to take you from work to your lunchtime workout to a gathering with friends that evening. The following six ideas are just a few ways that you can elevate the profile of your Dress Abstract leggings while celebrating their uniqueness. 

1. Use a dark jacket to add balance

Dress Abstract leggings are known for their vivid colors and abstract patterns. Use a dark pea coat or a supple leather jacket to counteract to this boldness and give your outfit balance. 

2. Layer it up

Remember when your mother used to tell you to dress in layers so you can customize your clothing to stay comfortable and stylish, regardless of the weather? Those same layers also work to add depth to your outfit. They take leggings from casual and simple to complex and dressy. 

3. Get fitted

Contrast the sleek, free-flowing look of Dress Abstract leggings with fitted tops and tailored jackets. The fitted and tailored look also keeps you looking neat, polished and pulled together -- important characteristics when you want to dress up your look. 

4. Go big

Add a big sweater or an oversized tunic to your Dress Abstract leggings and you're dressy enough for errands or lunch with your friends. These pieces serve to counterbalance the slender, skin-hugging look of your favorite Dress Abstract leggings. 

5. Your accessories count

Nothing pulls an outfit together quite like the perfect accessories. Whether its a slim-cut scarf that balances your top and leggings or a chunky necklaces that makes a statement that's all your own, choose your accessories with an eye toward making your outfit pop. 

6. Add heels

Whether you prefer wedge-heeled leather boots or strappy heels, donning a pair of height-boosting footwear instant adds a dressier element to any ensemble. 

Dress Abstract leggings are the perfect, go-anywhere fashion staple. By adding a few key pieces -- as noted above -- you can make them dressy enough for wearing absolutely anywhere.