6 Trends You Can Expect to See on the Red Carpet This Season

This year’s Oscar nominees aren’t just impressive on the screen, they’re also are heavy hitters in the fashion world. Whether it’s the classic Hollywood glamour of Cate Blanchett, the youthful style of Saoirse Ronan, Jennifer Lawrence's predilection for regal red carpet princess style or Rooney Mara's passion for avant-garde black gowns, one thing is certain: here at Dress Abstract (our brand) we just can't wait to see what the nominees will choose to wear this year.

Taking the Plunge

Plummeting V-necks have been making a huge impact on the red carpet of late. In the past, we’ve seen Jessica Biel and Mandy Moore take the V-neck all the way to the waistline, a choice that made a few onlookers hot under the collar. These plummeting necklines work well with any color and a range of styles, and they give actresses’ the opportunity to show off their lithe bodies.

Silver Lining

Silver highlights and silver blocking is another major fashion choice for the nominees this year. Not only is it shimmering and elegant, but fabrics that incorporate heavy materials give actresses a loose yet body-hugging effect that really makes an impression.

Classic Pink

Pink, it’s feminine, beautiful, and it brings to mind princesses and flowers. But as we have seen, it can also be quite chic with the addition of some metallic highlights and modern styling, there’s just no stopping this classic color.

Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder dresses have been a huge hit for ages. There’s nothing more alluring than the demure revealing of a bit of shoulder- and we’re certain to see plenty of it this year.


Glitter and Gold

Nothing says class like gold and silver. Invariably, large blocks of shimmering gold are at once a very bold and stylish choice. In the past we’ve seen Sarah Paulson wear a tiger print silver dress that might have been audacious on a less seasoned actress. We look forward to seeing lots of interesting takes on the theme.


Yellow is Mellow

It’s not gold, but like gold- yellow is an audacious choice. It is bright, sunny, and can give an impression of innocence and openness. On the right personality, a great splash of yellow is a serious statement! In previous years we’ve seen stars like Reese Witherspoon sporting yellow to great effect.

Tune into the Oscars February 26th, and shop our couture collection here.