6 Artful Accessories to Individualize Your Ensemble

Whatever treasures lurk in your wardrobe, you know that even your favorite outfits can be made so much the sweeter with the right accouterments to set them off, bring them together, and really make them stand out. Here at Dress Abstract  we love accessories, from a simple bracelet to a stunning jeweled necklace, to that perfect quirky hat- choosing the right accessory can make all the difference. Here are six of the season’s latest, hottest, and most classic accessories to get your outfit over the Valentine's Day hump and bring you into Spring.




Ah, the indispensable, the immortal, string of pearls. They can be as large or small as you like, and come in choker length to strands that reach down below the waistline. There’s nothing like a string of pearls to suggest class and style, with that subtle intonation of flirtatiousness.


The Single Earring

A quirk of the season, time will tell whether this trend will last. In this current year, however, the single earring seems to be a fashion statement of some import. It doesn’t matter what kind you choose, a hoop, strand, or a simple stud. This statement shines of complexity and edginess.


The Return of Punk

Face it, you can’t keep punk down- and the hallmark of a fashion choice that’s backed up by a meaningful statement is longevity. Studded leather bands, chains, and stressed denim can work with a surprisingly wide range of styles for those with an affinity for the revolutionary spirit.


Mismatched Earrings

Possibly an extension of the single earring trend, mismatched earrings might be either more or less of a commitment to the idea- depending on how you wear it. Either way, it’s a striking and a bold statement. We hope you can handle it.


Pre-worked Stone

Polished stones and gems are beautiful and will never go away- nor would we wish for them to. But raw stones, displayed and mounted in their natural untouched state is making a big statement this year that is both about naturalism, stewardship, and an appreciation of raw beauty.


Baroque Returns

Like Punk, but with quite a bit more history, clusters of gems inside an ad-hoc setting just never seem to go away entirely. Striking mixtures of crystals, fixtures, and jewels in large settings are making a big comeback this season.

Valentine's Day can be the perfect excuse to try out a cute and quirky accessory with your ensemble. Pair with an artful Dress Abstract trench, and you've got a one-of-a-kind look that will make everyone you pass fall in love.