5 Athleisure Brands We Love

We know that Dress Abstract gives you the most unique perspective on Athleisure wear, but we still recognize hot brands when we see them. We encourage you to mix and match our most popular items with the Athleisure brands listed below - you're guaranteed to get some incredible looks.

Craft Atlantic

This is a durable line that is meant for world travel, but it gifts you with a luxury look that keeps you feeling a cut above everyone else on the plane. The outerwear is sporty and water repellent, and you get a great line of Polo-type shirts for day parties and fireplace lounging with new friends.


This brand focuses specifically on upgrading the hoodie, and they do a great job. You can get gear for the gym to be sure, but the real value add of the FOURLAPS brand is the French look that feels just as great going out for a coffee with associates.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices equals incredible workout apparel for women that flatters the body and keeps the wearer looking sexy while working up a sweat. The brand is created to match well with popular sneaker brands, so you get a complete look that you can mix and match with your cute running shoes. You will be burning up more than the track when you go out for your summer runs.

Live the Process

Live the Process is activewear for women that screams female power and expression. You may not want to take this gear out for a sweaty run - this is more of a grocery store run line when you want to pick up more than a few pieces of produce.

Public Rec Apparel

This brand has a smaller selection than others on the list, but the focus on quality is apparent. They spent a great deal of time perfecting their basic tees before moving into other athletic leisure gear, and it shows. You can put their tee shirts under a blazer for a lunch date, or snazz yourself up in the All Day Every Day Pant for a complete look no matter what activity you are getting into.



No matter what your style is, Dress Abstract has exactly the right fit for your fitness regimen. Check out our athleisure line here!