Headband, "The Unresolved Chord" (limited production)

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Soft for everyday style, and durable enough for your workout, wrap yourself in your own art masterpiece.

  • Engineered for One size-fits all comfort
  • 100% durable, silky, moisture-wicking polyester fabric 
  • Hand-stitched in Washington, D.C., USA
  • Handwash cold

    "The Unresolved Chord is a deconstructed abstraction of what the artist hears when a guitar chord or progression is played. To provide a small background on musical theory, chords have progressions that move like a loop in steps.  When you look at the piece, your eye subconsciously catches the next layer, and your eye continues around the entirety of the piece, providing a powerful continuity in movement and texture. This 200-year old phenomena used in music is an example of what has been abstracted to your eyes, in order to give the observer a multi-sensory experience that transcends the visual and taps into deeper layers of our mind."