DressAbstract -- Boutique for TAG: The Abstract Girl & Abstract Gentlman

Limited-Edition Luxury. Socially Concious. Made in America.


Each item is its own Limited-Production piece of Art, tracked & certified just like any limited-edition painting. While supplies last. Find your Masterpiece. →

We believe clothing is just another canvas, and we work with classically trained artists to move their work from canvas to your clothing. Learn More about our organization, mission and the results of our advocacy for artists. →

Our socially-conscious products are made by the Refugee Artisans we help support and employ, by enabling them to practice the creative art they love. Hear Issa's Story: Former Refugee Artisan becomes TAG Creator →


Mindfully Made in the USA: A different approach to luxury and sustainability

 Traditionally, sustainability is thought of in terms of dollars.  However, this misses the opportunity to cherish America's most valuable resource: talent.  At TAG, we promote the sustainability of America's human capital and talent by enabling artists to practice their craft, preserving the wealth of knowledge and knowhow that makes for a thriving community.  Reflective of the great talent and faithful Refugees everywhere in the US, each of our products are made in different studios around the country. 

A perfect gift to yourself or someone else, every order is packaged & signed as a limited-edition piece of art

Like any piece of original art, each product comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the Artist.  Each product is based on an actual painting, and we provide the description and details of the piece, in order to draw a closer connection for our clients between the clothing and the canvas it is drawn from. Find your Masterpiece. →